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          Popular search: Nylon cable ties series

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          About WanFeng

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          Zhejiang WanWeng Plastic Co.,Ltd , is specialized in producing Nylon cable tie、Anti-skid chain、Tie wire、Expand plugs、Nail cable clip、 Cable tie mount、 Heatshrinkable tubings、 Nylon cable gland、Marker tube and Cold-pressing-top products enterprises.
          Since the company was established, it has been carrying out the strategy of "three high" which are high starting point, high quality and high level. It has a complete and scientific quality management system, first-class talents, advanced equipment and strict management as the basic point of market competition. With continuous improvement,innovation of technology, improvement of equipment, introduction and cultivation of talents, mining and gathering the wisdom of group as well as fostering a selfcharacteristic of the enterprise culture, the company is striving to enter the forefront.
          The company will continue to follow the idea of "technology booming enterprises,innovation generating development" and adhere to the business philosophy of "sincere cooperation will serve forever". It will try its best to serve all customers and make a contribution to the development of the power industry.


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